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Café Salé Artbook 02

Category: Art book series   Tags: Illustration, Digital Art, Concept Art, Modern Culture, Character Design, Comics, Manga

Café Salé Artbook 02 by Agata Kawa

Available from:

Amazon.com (French)

Product details:

Paperback: 304 pages

Year: 2008

Publisher: Ankama Editions

Language: French

Product description:

Following the success of the first volume, Ankama Editions and Café Salé are back for a second artbook, courtesy of CFSL.net. More artists on more pages means enough artwork to keep you gazing for a long time! 300 pages of graphic adventure lie between the covers of this latest collection of illustrations, covering themes as diverse as medieval fantasy to science fiction, and executed by authors with a wide variety of styles and techniques. This inspirational glimpse into the world of contemporary French digital art is essential. Don't miss the CFSL.net, Café Salé Artbook #02!!!

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