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Imaginaire II: Magic Realism

Category: Art book series   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Science Fiction Art, Surrealism

Imaginaire II: Magic Realism by Kinuko Y. Craft

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Amazon.com (English)

Product details:

Hardcover: 180 pages

Year: 2009

Author: Claus Brusen

Publisher: Fantasmus-Art

Language: English

Product description:

This showcases 50 of the best artists in the field of magic realism, showing the nature and diversity of the style with some 200 images. The most important Guest of Honor is Gil Bruvel from USA with 16 pages of his art. Other artists featured with a few paintings (or sculpture) each, include Claus Brusen, David Bowers, Karol Bak, Steven Kenny, Kinuko Craft, Wolfgang Harms, Brigid Marlin, Margaret Bowland, Stephanie Henderson, Bruno Di Maio and others. Beside the artists it will also feature a piece from Jon Beinart, a publisher from downunder also working very hard to get recognition for the art of the imaginative. This is the second volume of an annual gallery collection of magic realism. Text in English and French.

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