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Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell | Julie Bell

Category: Art books   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Science Fiction Art, Superheroes

Hard Curves: The Fantasy Art of Julie Bell by Julie Bell

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Product details:

Paperback: 128 pages

Year: 1996

Author: Nigel Suckling

Illustrator: Julie Bell

Foreword: Rose Hank

Publisher: Thunder's Mouth Press

Language: English

Product description:

At the heart of Julie Bell's art is a celebration of the human form, developed to perfection and beyond in the exotic fantasy realms conjured by her imagination. Her paintings glitter with shining metal painted with stunning conviction. Power and sensuality are her themes, as are contrasts of both texture and mood; and these strands find expression in contemporary popular culture icons such as heroic barbarians and comic book superheroes. Hard Curves is divided in sections devoted to "Metallic Images", "Sensuality"; "Portraits"; "Superheroes"; "Bodybuilding", demonstrating that Bell's artwork is dynamic, often violent, always sexy. The informative text by Nigel Suckling gives much appreciated background information on Bell and her work. - Midwest Book Review

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