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John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop | John Howe

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John Howe Fantasy Art Workshop by John Howe

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Product details:

Paperback: 128 pages

Year: 2008

Author: John Howe

Publisher: Impact Books

Language: English

Product description:

"Here's how I do it, and why": this is the premise behind John Howe's practical exploration of his artistic inspirations, approaches and techniques. This book will appeal to practical artists and fans of John Howe's work by providing step-by-step demonstrations, sketches and oustanding finished paintings, some designed specifically for this book. It covers a wide range of subjects essential to any aspiring fantasy artist, including materials and the creative process, and drawing and painting humans, beasts, landscapes and architecture. The final section of the book provides further inspiration and guidance on presenting work in various forms, including film work, book covers and advertising, all areas John Howe has vast experience in. The foreword is written by groundbreaking film director Terry Gilliam, with an Afterword by Alan Lee, the Oscar winning world-class illustrator.

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