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The Boris Vallejo Portfolio | Boris Vallejo

Category: Art books   Tags: Fantasy Art, Illustration, Dragons, Science Fiction Art, Future, Mythology, Legends, Superheroes

The Boris Vallejo Portfolio by Boris Vallejo

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Amazon.com (English)

Product details:

Paperback: 64 pages

Year: 2000

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo

Text: Nigel Suckling

Publisher: Sterling

Language: English

Product description:

Boris Vallejo’s exotic, sensual imagination has long placed him in the first rank of “heroic fantasy” illustrators. Here are 28 of his most dramatic paintings, each so intensely powerful it seems like a dream—or nightmare—come to life. Among the included works: Egyptian Warrior, a vision in bronze; Tattoo, where the dragon etched into a power-fully strong and veined arm morphs into the real thing; and Discus Thrower, which shows a silvery, robotic man in outer space.

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