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The Luck in the Head | John Harrison, Ian Miller

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The Luck in the Head by Ian Miller

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Product details:

Paperback: 80 pages

Year: 1996

Author: John Harrison

Illustrator: Ian Miller

Contributor: Carol Kemp

Publisher: Dark Horse

Language: English

Product description:

Originally a short story, and now refashioned as a graphic novel (by British fantasy illustrator Ian Miller). It portrays a nightmare society steeped in violence and ritual, and is set in the decadent and ever-shifting fantasy world created for "In Viriconium", runner-up for the 1982 "Guardian" Fiction Prize.

This tale is set in the grotesque city of Uroconium, where Ardwick Crome dreams of a strange ritual from his childhood. The women of his village pursue a "lamb"; to eat a pie made from its head is considered good luck. But in his dream, the living animal itself is offered to Ardwick Crome, and the gift's significance makes it too dangerous to accept...

In that city and at that age of the world, it would have been safer for Crome to seek the source of his dream within his heart. Instead he went out and searched for it in Uroconium.

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