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The Sketchbook: Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell | Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell

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The Sketchbook: Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell by Julie Bell

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Product details:

Hardcover: 160 pages

Year: 2001

Illustrator: Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell

Text: Nigel Suckling

Publisher: Running Press

Language: English

Product description:

With their Fall 2000 release Titans still catching attention from comic lovers and critics everywhere, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell give us the eagerly awaited Sketchbook. The masters of fantasy art reveal the creative process behind their finished masterpieces. The sketches, in a variety of different media, provides us with insight into the artistic imagination of Boris and Julie - some were produced for pure pleasure and experiment, others as preliminary ideas for commissioned work. They are stunning works of art in their own right, and an invaluable addition to the collector's portfolio. Over 150 sketches previously unpublished and finished paintings reveal the creative process at work.

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