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Storie dei cieli del mondo

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Storie dei cieli del mondo by Paolo Domeniconi

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Amazon.co.uk (Italian)
Amazon.it (Italian)

Product details:

Paperback: 60 pages

Year: 2009

Editor: A. Gasperini, F. Brunetti, L. Albanese

Illustrator: Paolo Domeniconi

Publisher: Sinnos

Language: Italian

Product description:

Have you ever tried to lift his eyes to heaven, on a clear night? You'll find thousands and thousands of stars. Since ancient times humans have been fascinated by the stars and you have recognized figures of animals, people and objects: what today we call constellations. And so many stories from different countries - Caribbean, North America, Poland, Croatia, Japan, India, Paraguay, Italy - telling us the stars and constellations according to local traditions. In the last pages of games, trivia and concepts of astronomy. A journey between past and present, across continents to discover the firmament.

Reading Age: from 7 years.

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